Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fitty's pinky rose cottage ...Giveaway

Fitty's pinky rose cottage telah mengadakan giveaway... menarik giveaway diatas tu...
syarat-syaratnya mudah saja

How to enter?

1. for this giveaway, only my followers are eligible, so if you aren't one of them, become one now.. :-)
dah jadi tau

2. This giveaway is open to those who resides anywhere in Malaysia ONLY..
tinggal di Hulu Selangor

3. Winners will be picked by using random generator and to increase your chances of winning, you can do any of the following:- Leave a comment on this post ONLY = 1 entry- Blog about it = 2 entries ( you have to come back here and inform me in this post ONLY, so that I can check and verify)
Dah comment

giveaway ni akan berakhir pada 28 January 2010...

cubalah ramai-ramai mesti meriahkan + mungkin ada tambahan goodies untuk yang bertuah... mari , mari, mari

p/s - suka blog fitty ni, sebab cerita-ceritanya yang menarik dan roses yang menawan kalbu

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